No. 6.5 Vase


Item Number : TZ-KT-0004

This piece of Kutani ware is an elegant, wonderful piece of art with a rich gloss navy gradient.
Nakamura’s masterpieces inherited a strong and rich glossy presence by using rich gloss navy, yellow since the first generation.

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  • Product Name : No. 6.5 Vase (Rich Gloss Navy)
  • Artist : Shuto Nakamura
  • Manufacturer : in Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Dimensions(DiameterxHight) : 17x21cm
  • Weight : 2,120


Artist Introduction


The Fifth Generation of Shuto Nakamura 
(1953- )

AAmong only a few pottery makers left who have continuously passed on the tradition for five generations 
Nakamura pottery kiln is one of the most famous kilns.