Shirabori Cup and Saucer


A set of shirabori cup and saucer. Each piece is elaborately carved. Perfect for your coffee time.

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    Shirabori Kiridate Cup and Saucer

  • Product Number : TZ-SR-W011
  • Manufacturer : in Shiga Prefecture
  • Dimensions(DiameterxHight): Cup 7.6×6.7cm, Saucer 13.5×2.4cm

    Shirabori Sori Cup and Saucer

  • Product Number : TZ-SR-W012
  • Manufacturer : in Shiga Prefecture
  • Dimensions(DiameterxHight) : Cup 9×7.7cm, Saucer 13.5×2.4cm


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コーヒー碗皿1, コーヒー碗皿2