The samurai kabuto (Kissho-makie)


Item Number : TZ-WJ-0012

May 5th is a national holiday called “Boys’ Festival” or “Tango no sekku in Japan. By decorating samurai kabuto (helmet) in the house to celebrate and wish the healthy growth of the boys in the family.
Especially by using a glossy lacquer called Wajima-nuri (Lacquer ware) gives this item a unique presence.
The samurai kabuto (helmet) has an auspicious pattern with “tiger” and “dragon” for celebrating the growth of boys.
The golden screen is covered with gold leaf and the decorative string is made with pure silk.


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  • Product Name : The samurai kabuto (Kissho-makie)
  • Manufacturer : in Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Dimensions(widthxlengthxHight) : Kabuto 27.3x16.7x30.3cm、Stand 36.4x25.8x1.5cm
  • Weight : 4500g