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TENZOU curates beautiful Japanese crafts to the world and is not just a dealer of exquisite Japanese craftwork but shares the history and tradition behind each piece. Each of the beautiful works shown contain the traditional Japanese history and the spirit and effort of the craftsman and artist.

These beautiful objects are created from Japanese art and craftwork traditions that are handed down from generation to generation, techniques are improved through the ages, and their value and beauty increases over time. It is the opposite of mass-produced.




TENZOU concept focuses on beauty, high quality, and eco artistic craftwork that are the best selections in Japan. We sell and deliver these selections to the world. These artistic craftwork could be pricy, but are not for the normal customers who just want Japanese objects in their homes as decoration, but are for the true collectors who appreciates them for their beauty and historical value. Surrounded by these beautiful objects will enrich one’s life.

Each of these beautiful craftwork from TENZOU, are carefully handmade pieces that carries the work spirit of the artists.




TENZOU presents Japanese craftwork that are guaranteed by the artistic craftsman that made them. TENZOU is contracted to sell these Japanese craftwork with a certificate of warranty. While under the customer care, if the objects are damaged by natural causes such as scratches, cracks, or color fade, TENZOU has an original customer repair center that can be contacted.


Japanese craftsmanship has been nurtured with a long history

The history of ceramics in Japan began in the Heijo or Heian eras, about the 8th century in Western calendar years. (The capital during the Heijo period was Nara, the capital during the Heian period was Kyoto.) Porcelain became strongly rooted in Japan in the 1600’s when it developed the characteristics of the Celadon porcelain.

Lacquerware in Japan dates back 9000 years to the early Jomon period. Lacquerware is a representative traditional craft that has been cherished throughout Japanese history. During the period of Japonism or Japonisme, when Japanese art influenced European art in the 19th century, Japanese porcelain and lacquerware were popular.

At TENZOU, we only offer the highest quality traditional Japanese wares. Our pieces are not only regarded as valuable by Japanese standards but also noted by the global community for their historical value, traditional techniques and enduring reliability. TENZOU products are carefully selected from