Arita ware (有田焼 Arita-yaki)




Arita porcelain ware

Arita ware is the generic name of ceramics made in the area around Arita-town in Saga Prefecture located in the Kyushu Island, south-western part of Japan.
The beauty of its sheer white porcelain with delicate and gorgeous paintings on the surface is very popular and has gained a very high reputation even in foreign countries including Europe.
People are all attracted by the Arita’s distinctive feature of its thinness and lightness, its smooth and stiff texture as if it were made of glass.
Since Arita is not absorbable ware and has very strong durability, ideal for use as tableware.
In the ancient age of the 1600s, most of porcelain products made in Arita had been exported from the port of Imari. Since there is no sea around Arita area, the Imari port where is about ten kilometres (6.2 miles) away from Arita had been used as the port of loading in those days. In honor of this thing, the Arita ware porcelain is often called as “Imari ware”.


History of the Arita ware

The Arita ware has been fired as the first Japaneseporcelain in Arita town of Hizen country (currently Saga-prefecture) during the early Edo period.
So the birth of the Arita ware has been estimated in the 17th century, then one of unknown Korean potters had grilled white porcelain in Arita for the first time in order to find a high-quality white clay for use as material for white ceramic.
Most of the early Arita wares had painting patterns of deep blue colour in white surface, but about 30 years after from the first discovery of porcelain, the “red paintings” based on red colour has been born. About ten years after the birth of the red painting, the Arita ware has begun to be exported to Europe.
Arita ware went to Europe had been referred to as the “Imari”, the name originally took from the name of the port of lading, they say that the Arita wares have been traded at the same value as at the pure gold. Also there were many of the princes or nobles in Europe who had become very enthusiastic collector of the Arita wares.








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