Terms of Use


  • These Terms are applied when customers who reside outside Japan use the commercial site, tenzou.jp (“WEBSITE”) run by Suns Bright Co., Ltd. (“COMPANY”) and/or purchase products. In using this WEBSITE and/or purchasing from this WEBSITE, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms, so please read the Terms carefully and understand fully before using this WEBSITE.


2.Ordering and Delivery

  • Before ordering for the first time, you are required to accept the Terms and register with correct information including your name and address, and have your ID and password issued by the COMPANY (Membership Registration.) Please confirm the eligible countries and regions in the Country/Region and Shipping and Handling Charges sections.
    Keep your ID and password secure to avoid unauthorized usage or leakage. You are deemed to have agreed to hold full responsibility of actions using your ID and password.
    The COMPANY will not take responsibility in the event that the product is not delivered if the product was delivered to your registered address. If you wish to have the product resent to a correct address, you will be charged the extra cost including the shipping fee.
  • Even though the product is in stock and you are able to add it to your cart when you place an order, you might not be able to make a payment if the item is sold out during your checkout process.
  • The agreement between you and the COMPANY becomes effective once the COMPANY ships the item to you. An order confirmation email the COMPANY sends is sent to confirm your application for the agreement with the COMPANY and does not denote an acceptance of the agreement by the COMPANY.
    Even though the order confirmation email is sent, a part or all of the order might be out of stock due to the difference between inventory status on the WEBSITE and the actual inventory. Moreover, the COMPANY’s inventory status is different from that of other companies. Moreover, though a product may be in stock in another company’s inventory, the same product may be out of stock in the COMPANY’s inventory. We ask your understanding of this in advance.
  • If a part of an order you have placed is sold out, the COMPANY will ship the remaining product(s) in the order after deducting the price of the sold out product from the total price of your order without an advance notice. Moreover, even if the sold out product becomes available at a later date, we will not ship it in an additional shipment. Please re-order the product.
  • You may not change your order detail (size, color, amount, etc.) or the delivery address, or cancel the order once the order is received.
  • As a general rule, the order is shipped within 2 to 10 days. There may be delays due to the content of your order and availability, and during our busy season. Some products on the WEBSITE may take time to complete.
  • Before you place your order, please check the laws and regulations regarding importing goods and prohibited imports in your country/region. The COMPANY will not assume responsibility if by any chance the product is confiscated or levied a high duty in your country/region. In any of these cases, the COMPANY will not refund the order price nor the shipping and handling charges.
  • The COMPANY, for reasons of its own, may combine multiple orders placed by the same customer in one shipment. Even in this instance, the COMPANY will not refund the shipping, handling and other charges.


3.Shipping and Handling Charges

  • Shipping and handling charges are prescribed based on the price total of your order and include shipping fees for Japan Post Express Mail Service or international courier services and insurance. The shipping and handling charges must be paid with the total price of your order.
  • When the product is returned due to the customer’s refusal to receive the product or the holding period at the post office for undelivered product has expired, the COMPANY will only refund the total price of the order minus the return shipping cost. We will not refund the prepaid shipping and handling charges. In case the return shipping cost is greater than the price of the product, we will charge an extra shipping cost.



  • The amount due is the total of the price of your order and shipping and handling charges.
  • Payment is made according to the terms of the credit card or PayPal used. Please inquire with your credit card issuer or PayPal for more information.
  • When payment is made using a credit card, please use a card with your name as the cardholder’s name. If the names do not match, the COMPANY may cancel the order without prior notification.
  • Credit card and PayPal payments are charged in Japanese Yen.


5.Duty and Certificate of Exportation

  • Depending on the laws and regulations of the addressees’ country, import duties, VAT, customs clearance fees, delivery fees might accrue. These fees are your responsibility. If the order is delivered to an address different to your address, for instance, as a gift, it will be the responsibility of the addressee. These fees are directly charged by the destination post office or the courier service.
  • We shall assume no responsibility for delivery delays caused by difficulties related to customs clearance and/or procedures.
  • We do not issue certificates of exportation including certificate of origin and export visa for the orders to be delivered.


6.Returns and Exchanges

  • Tenzou.jp carries many custom made products, so we only accept returns and exchanges for defective products.
    If you wish to return or exchange a product, contact the Company by email or FAX within 14 days of delivery with the product detail. Product returns must be approved by the COMPANY. Please send back the product within 7 days of our approval.
    If you contact after 14 days or return the product without notifying the COMPANY, the return or exchange may not be accepted.

< Returns >

  • 1. Returns due to faulty product or COMPANY error, (1) to (3):
    • (1) Wrong product delivered.
    • (2) Defective product delivered.
    • (3) Product was damaged during delivery.

    The COMPANY will pay the return shipping cost.
    ※ If you are returning a set of products (a pair or a combination set) please return the exact content of the set at the time of delivery including the accessories. Returns are not accepted if a piece (or an accessory) is missing.

  • 2.Returns due to your reasons:

    You may not return products that you are not satisfied with (size, color, pattern, etc.). Images of products may be different in color from the actual products depending on the computer monitors and browsers used, as well as the effect of lighting used for photo shooting of the products. Please note that we do not accept returns due to the fact that the color and the impression of the actual products are different from computer screen images.

      We do not accept following returns:

    • If you do not contact us within 14 days of delivery
    • Used products
    • Opened products
    • Original case/packaging missing
    • You have already altered or dry cleaned the product
    • Damaged or stained after delivery including traces of scent and odor
    • Tags are removed
    • Sale items
    • Custom made products

< Exchanges >only accepted for reasons on the COMPANY side

  • 3.Returns due to faulty product or COMPANY error, (1) to (3):
    • (1) Wrong product delivered.
    • (2) Defective product delivered.
    • (3) Product was damaged during delivery.

    The COMPANY will pay the shipping cost.
    Please let us know if you would like to make an exchange. If the product is out of stock or discontinued, we will make a refund of the product price.

  • 4.Exchanges due to personal reasons are not accepted
    • If you are not satisfied with the product and wish to exchange it with another product, please return it and then order a product of your choice. For conditions for returning a product, please see the conditions above in “2. Returning due to your reasons.” The reason for not accepting an exchange due to personal reasons is to save your shipping cost.
    • Please return the product by Express Mail Service (EMS) or by air mail with a refund/exchange form. In no way send by surface mail, economy air parcel (SAL) or commercial international courier services including DHL, FedEx and UPS. We do not accept returns using these methods and no refund will be made.
    • For returns and exchanges due to the COMPANY’s reasons, please pay the shipping fee upfront to be reimbursed later. We will not accept returns that require shipping paid on delivery.
    • As soon as we confirm the receipt of the return, the COMPANY will send an exchange product or make a refund. If you forget to pack the refund/exchange form with the returned product, the process might be delayed.



  • When a member’s registered information including name and address has changed, he/she is expected to promptly log into the WEBSITE and change the member information.
  • The COMPANY may terminate your membership registration for the following reasons:
    • (1) If you violate these Terms.
    • (2)If you cause nuisance, harm and damage to other customers and the COMPANY or conduct other fraudulent activities.
    • (3)If you have not logged in for more than a year.
    • (4)Other reasons the COMPANY finds inappropriate.
  • The COMPANY shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by the customers arising from this WEBSITE except for those related to the sales and purchase agreements.
  • The Company may discontinue its services due to unavoidable reasons. Sales and purchase agreements that are already made will be processed according to these Terms.
  • In regards to using this WEBSITE, Japanese laws shall be applied. In an event of disputes between the COMPANY and customer, Osaka District Court shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction.
  • The COMPANY shall only use customer’s information registered in accordance with these Terms for selling products to the customers and to provide various information regarding products for sale using Internet and physical mail. It shall not be used for other purposes. When deletion or correction of information is requested by the customer, the COMPANY shall accommodate the request without delay.
  • The COMPANY may change these Terms at our own discretion. If any provision of these Terms is found fraudulent or invalid, these Terms shall be divisible and the effect of the remaining provisions of these Terms shall not be affected.

Effective date: August, 2015
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