Privacy Policy

The Sunsbright Co.Ltd. (hereinafter called “our company” ) policy for privacy protection is as follows, our company will construct a system to protect private information and promote our privacy policy by familiarizing employees with the privacy policy and its importance.


Management of private information

Our company accurately keeps the latest information of customers private, as well as maintaining the security system, controlling the governing structure and thoroughly training employees; and we will place the information of our privacy policy in our strict administrative conditions to take measures necessary to protect from unauthorized access, loss of information, corruption of information, falsification or leakages.


Utilization purpose of private information

The customers’ personal information may be used to send emails or post our company’s documents; according to our company’s correspondence, business information and response to inquiries.


Prohibition of disclosure and provision of the customers’ private information to third parties

As our company’s policy, we properly manage customers’ private information and do not disclose the information to third parties except in the conditions mentioned below.
If our company has consent of the customers for the conditions.
In order to perform specific services that are expected by customers, our company can disclose the information to entrusted business partners.
In a case that customers’ information must be disclosed on the basis of laws and regulations.


Security measures for private information

Our company takes the best measures to keep security as best as possible and to ensure accuracy and safety of customers’ information.


Confirmation and inquiries from customers

Our company corresponds to customers’ requests; that is confirmation, correction or deletion; after confirming the applicants’ identities.


Compliance and review of laws and regulations

Regarding customers’ private information, our company complies with applicable Japanese laws and any regulations; also our company keeps reviewing this Privacy policy and strives to improve its contents.



Regarding any inquiries about our privacy policy, please contact the following.

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