Kutani Ware


  • Hiroaki Yamashita
  • President of Toho-do Co., Ltd. 
President of Kutani Ware Cooperative Association

    Vice President of Pottery Commerce and Industrial Cooperative Society of Ishikawa Prefecture


  • Tatsuya Mitsui, Kutani Togei

* Kutani Ware is designated as one of the Japanese traditional crafts by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Wajima Lacquerware


  • Isamu Kato
  • President of Kato Lacquerware Corporation.

    Special member of Artists Association of Japanese Contemporary Arts and Crafts
    Executive Director of Commerce and Industrial Cooperative Society of Wajima Lacquerware.


Edo Glass



Arita ware


  • Toyo Ceramics corp

Shigaraki ware


  • Hinomigama Corporation Ltd.

Edo Wind Chimes


  • Co., Ltd. Shinohara wind chimes Honpo

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